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The Smargo SmartReader is an USB cardreader /programmer
based on a powerful ATMEL ARM 91 processor. The SmartReader + incorporates an
integrated USB to Serial converter, which enables the SmartReader plus to work
with all standard Phoenix compatible Linux and Windows applications.

The SmartReaders supports besides Linux/Windows computers and receivers like
Octagon SF-1018 HD PVR Linux Twin, various Linux and Windows applications for



  • Powerfull ARM 91 Thumb Processor
  • High-performance 32-bit RISC Architecture
  • High-density 16-bit Instruction Set
  • 64 Kbytes, organized in 512 Pages of 128 Bytes (Single Plane)
  • 16 Kbytes Internal High-speed SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Maximum Speed
  • Low-power RC Oscillator, 3 to 20 MHz On-chip Oscillator and one PLL
  • Supports 3.20, 3.43, 3.69, 4.00, 4.36, 4.80, 5.34, 6.00, 6.86, 8.00, 9.61,
    12.0 and 16.0 MHz for smartcards
  • Supports standard driver for Windows and Linux applications
  • Developer guide available
  • Works on all Dreambox Models with USB connection
  • Works with most softcams (e.g. Newcs, CCcam ect.)
  • Can be cascaded with more SmartReaders using a USB Hub. In Dreambox
    (/dev/usb/tts/X of COM-4,5,6,X)
  • No power supply required


Standard Packing:


  • USB Smartgo Smartreader Plus *1 pcs